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do you ever have a notp that you antiship so hard that you actually get nauseous when people mention it



baby arctic fox tries to eat a man alive


You can all go home now.  statsbritain has posted the finest tweet they will ever post.

Anonymous: Thanks to your WITS, I've got this headcannon: when Rose sleeps and the Doctor gets really bored, he pokes her to listen to her annoyed squeals. 

Rose? *poke* Rose, are you awake? *poke poke*


Rose, are you still asleep or are you ignoring me?

Roooo-oose? *poke* Rose, you’ve gotten your required rest, are you going to get up soon?



Oh, good, you’re awake!


I love you?


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Anonymous: When will we get more Tucker x Rose 

Depends which one.  Stuck With you, you’ll get an update Wednesday.  fobbed!Twelve…uh…sometime soon?

Anonymous: *shhh* I handed you a single mango because I cannot say how awesome your writing is compared to mine. Here is a starfruit of "I-envy-your-writing-and-I-would-like-to-talk-to-you-but-I-am-unworthy" -.- 

Don’t be silly, we can totally talk!  Seriously, it’s kind of ridiculous how much I genuinely enjoy talking headcanons and fic with people.

chocolatequeennk replied to your post “Yes hello darling firstly I see you posting beautiful David x Georgia RPF and thank you for that but I was just wondering if you were aware that the two adorable canon RL OTP are going to be in a dumb romantic comedy short together called “96 Ways To Say I Love You” as love interests I’m pretty sure yes thank you goodbye :) *dies*”

BROADCHURCH AU GRABBY HANDS NOW PLEASE. *cough* I mean. That sounds interesting; tell me more.

Man, I’ve been wanting to write it so bad.  Georgia Moffett as a young, intelligent DS, who’d been training for Detective when the original events of Broadchurch occurred, and basically developed a whole hero worship fascination with Alec Hardy.  While he gets his job back four years later (after a surgery that clears his medical discharge from duty), Ellie hasn’t quite been able to face returning to the force, giving this newly appointed DS—who, shockingly, requested to be transferred to Broadchurch—an opening to fill.  Hardy is understandably annoyed by the absurdly young woman taking the place of his best friend, but is basically just told he’s got to learn to deal.  

Then, you know, murders and plot and sex and stuff.  The usual.


My new favourite picture.

Anonymous: Oh, I know it's your Tumblr birthday (not your real birthday) but I STILL WANNA CELEBRATE YOU! You're one of my top 5 favorite bloggers on this site. The mini fic I'm writing for you will take a little longer than planned (damn you work, for happening during fic-writing hours) but I will send it to you tonight! Happy Tumblr-versary! :D 

Okay then!  I look forward to it!

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asthewheelwills replied to your photo “My Tumblr Crushes: perfectlyrose asthewheelwills dryadalis …”

any time I show up in someone’s Tumblr crushes, I generally assume the algorithm has gone wrong somehow. Particularly considering the august company…

Hush.  You’re wonderful.

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